Enhanced Video Storage Management

Published Sep 22, 2009 00:00 AM
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March Networks announced 2 significant advances in managing storage from IP cameras. These have an important impact on video surveillance design and are currently supported by a limited number of manufacturers.

  • Called Shadow Archiving, on-board camera storage is to be seamlessly integrated with centralized VMS storage and for remote access. With this feature, SD cards can be used on March's cameras. This storage can be accessed directly from March's VMS client. Additionally, video will be automatically transferred to centralized storage if a network interruption occurs.
  • NAS Recording: March cameras may stream directly to a NAS device, eliminating the need for it to be processed or transferred through a PC/server.

Both open up new applications. Complete VMS support of on-board storage enables storage redundancy on the camera side as well as eliminating need for centralized storage for low duration/low resolution applications. Supporting direct storage to NAS devices can substantially lower storage/server costs as inexpensive multi-terabyte NAS devices are commonplace (for instance, an architecture that Mobotix successfully and regularly promotes).