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Published Aug 01, 2020 17:34 PM
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IPVM has the largest and most experienced editorial team covering physical security technology including video surveillance, access control, weapons detection and more.

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Ethan Ace leads video surveillance testing at IPVM, including IPVM's world-leading camera shootouts, AI/video analytics, environmental sensors, fever detection, and more. Previously, Ace was Director of Sales Engineering for a regional security integrator. He has installed low voltage systems throughout North America.

Bashis is a cybersecurity researcher with more than 20 years experience who has uncovered several dozen cybersecurity vulnerabilities in various manufacturer products.

Angelique Chen is a business reporter at IPVM. Her focus includes company financials, firm structures, and general business landscapes in the security industry. Prior to joining IPVM, she covered M&A at Reuters and cryptocurrency markets at CoinDesk. Angelique has a Master's degree in business journalism from New York University and a Bachelor's degree in international business from National Taiwan University.

Nikita Ermolaev covers existing technology and leads new technology reporting at IPVM, including weapons detection and robotics. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Physics from Moscow State University and a Master's in Applied Physics from Yale University.

Conor Healy is IPVM's Government Director. He leads our efforts to research and communicate how surveillance technologies impact the public and what government action impacts those technologies.

John Honovich founded IPVM in 2008. As the editor-in-chief, Honovich oversees IPVM's reporting, with more than a decade of experience exposing unethical activities, underperforming products, and major trends within the industry. Previously, Honovich ran product management for a video analytics startup, general management at a security integrator, and graduated from Dartmouth College.

Mert Karakaya is a part of the IPVM testing team, focusing on new technologies, video analytics, and robotics. Mert received his Ph.D. from NYU, with a focus on biomimetic robotics, and also holds a Master's and a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from NYU and Purdue University, respectively.

Robert Kilpatrick tests camera analytics, fever-detection cameras, and other camera capabilities. Kilpatrick has an Associate's Degree from Lincoln Tech.

Don Maye is IPVM’s head of operations. He contributes to investigative reporting and research of security companies and technology. He is a graduate of the United States Military Academy and received his MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business.

Brandon Niskala is part of the video surveillance testing team. Niskala has a Master’s Degree in applied data science from Syracuse University, and an undergraduate degree from Lycoming College.

Sean Patton leads video management reporting at IPVM, including analyzing and testing the various capabilities of VMS products, as well as covering companies that are emerging in the business. Previously, Patton designed systems as a security integrator, and graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Brian Rhodes leads access control reporting at IPVM, including analyzing and testing products and writing extensively about the business side of access control. Previously, Rhodes managed engineering at a security integrator and graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State University.

Charles Rollet covers global news at IPVM, where his reporting on China video surveillance has uncovered major ethical and human rights issues, and is widely cited around the world. Rollet has a Master’s Degree in Journalism from NYU and an undergraduate degree from Northwestern University.

John Scanlan teaches four IPVM courses and focuses on cabling and networking testing and reporting. Before joining IPVM, Scanlan worked as a FE for several retailers & banks, owned a small business dealing communications equipment to hedge funds, and was a regional IT Manager.

Christie Smythe does legal, investigative and business reporting for IPVM. Prior to joining IPVM, she covered law for Bloomberg News and served as an assistant managing editor for Law360.com. Smythe has a Master’s Degree in Journalism from Columbia University.

Carl Stoffers is IPVM’s managing editor. Prior to joining IPVM, he was an editor at The New York Times Upfront magazine and a reporter at the New York Daily News. Stoffers has taught journalism and communication at Kean University and has a Master’s Degree in Journalism from Columbia University.

Jermaine Wilson is IPVM's Testing Manager and has helped expand IPVM's coverage into environmental sensors. Wilson leads the intern program at IPVM and is a non-commissioned officer in the US Army Reserves, where he oversees a satellite communication team.

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