D-Link Expands Cloud Camera Line

Published Dec 03, 2012 00:00 AM
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Unlike many, D-Link offers their cloud services free of charge, though their camera line has been limited to only a handful of options. To remedy this and fill out the line, they have announced new models, including outdoor and panoramic options targeted at the SOHO market. In this note, we examine these additions, how they compare to the existing line, and their potential impact.


D-Link has added four models to their "prosumer" cloud camera line, intended for home and small business use. For those unfamiliar, D-Link's cloud services allow free access to live video from their cameras, as well as archived video from NAS-based recorders, and using "phone home" operation, without requiring UPnP or manual network setup. The cloud camera line previously consisted of mostly cube cameras, with a PTZ option, all indoor only and VGA resolution. 

All models support multiple streams of H.264, MPEG-4, and MJPEG and are ONVIF compliant.

  • DCS-2132L: 720p/1MP indoor cube camera, fixed 3.4mm lens, built-in PIR, IR illuminator, and two-way audio. $259.99 USD MSRP
  • DCS-2310L: 720p/1MP outdoor cube camera, fixed 3.4mm lens, built-in IR illuminator, IP65 rated. $389.99 MSRP 
  • DCS-7010L [link no longer available]: 720p/1MP outdoor mini bullet camera, fixed 4.3mm lens, built-in IR, IP66 rated. $389.99 MSRP
  • DCS-6010L: 2 megapixel 360° panoramic camera. $389.99 MSRP

These models are planned to be available in Q4 2012.

Cube Camera Comparison

The DCS-2132L competes favorably with Axis' M1014, the lowest-cost HD camera in their line. Based on MSRP, the 2132L should have a street price around $200, about even or slightly less than the M1014 (~$215 online). However, D-Link offers advantages over Axis, with built-in audio, IR illuminator, PIR detector, and 802.11N wireless, features found on Axis' M1054, which sells for $100+ more online

Low Cost 360º Camera

Based on MSRP, we expect the DCS-6010L to have an approximate street price around $300, placing it among the lowest-cost 360º panoramic cameras available. For comparison:

It should be noted that the Vivotek 8171V is 3.1MP and rated for outdoor use, however, whereas the 6010L is 2MP, indoor-only. Like other panoramic cameras, the biggest issue with the DCS-6010L is likely its lack of third-party integration for dewarping and immersive controls. Without these integrations, the camera is usable only with D-Link's own software, limiting its potential for adoption.