Directory of Lens Tests

By John Honovich, Published Jan 11, 2012, 07:00pm EST

This directory collects our lens test reports and related lens information.

Lens Tests

HD Lens Shootout - Our most popular and 'flagship' lens test pits a number of lens manufacturers (like Fujinon, Tamron, Computar, etc.) to see which one delivers the best image quality during the day, at night and at the edge of the FoV. Moderate differences in performance were found.

P-Iris Lens Test - An alternative to auto and manual iris lenses, this is being championed by Axis and adopted by a handful of other manufacturers. Our tests results showed disappointing performance of P-Iris.

GBO Infinity Lens Test - A speciality lens claiming to deliver 'massive' depth of field. Our test results showed disappointing performance.

Theia Wide Angle Lens Test - A speciality lens claiming to deliver very wide Field of Views. Our test results show interesting potential but material overmarketing.

Pentax Plus Lens Test -A speciality lens that claims to simplify focusing and Field of View setup. Our test results show surprising good performance and usability.

Other Lens Reports

In addition to our test results, we have a number of other related resources on lenses:

Training: Using Lens Calculators -  Figuring out what the right lens and the right Field of View can be challenging. We walk through a number of lens calculator providing best practices to get the most out of the calculators.

Statistics: Varifocal vs Fixed Focal Lenses - The most fundamental choice in lens is often between varifocal and fixed focal lenses. In this note, we examine why integrators prefer varifocal over fixed focal lenses by such a wide margin.

Statistics: Auto Back Focus Preferences - A feature growing in popularity, automatic focus promises to make it easier to focus a lens without having to depend on the installer to physically get it just right. In this note, we examine how and why integrators use auto back focus.

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