Details on Archerfish Solo SmartCam Disclosed

By John Honovich, Published Jan 06, 2010, 07:00pm EST

In conjunction with the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show, Cernium is releasing more information on its Archerfish managed video / smart camera / embedded storage product.

New details disclosed include:

  • On-board storage to support one week of recording - does not mention SD card size but likely 4 or 8 GB
  • Pricing for the unit to be $399 or less
  • Monthly subscription fee to be $7.99 for up to 4 cameras

Furthermore, Cernium has released a marketing video pitching the Archerfish Solo. It's a clever but misleading piece of marketing. Cernium claims that their system can alert when someone delivers a package but not if a car drives by or a person is walking the door. Almost certainly, they are simply applying detection zones and excluding anything but the front porch of a house. Watch the video:

At this price point, if Cernium can really deliver video analytics that work reliably, not only will it be a massive breakthrough for the home market but it will revolutionize the industry. More likely, it's just excessive marketing. We look forward to purchasing one and testing it. The article states a projected April release date.

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