DComplex's iPhone/Android Video Surveillance Apps

By John Honovich, Published Nov 14, 2010, 07:00pm EST

In this note, we examine DComplex, a US based software developer building a portfolio of mobile apps for video surveillance recorders (NVRs and VMS). For background, review our test of one of D-Complex's apps in our iPhone/iPad Video Surveillance test report.

DComplex's approach is to build a suite of apps for various NVR and VMS companies. Currently, D-Complex has apps for 3xLogic [link no longer available], Arteco [link no longer available], Axxon [link no longer available], Exacq [link no longer available] and Salient [link no longer available]. All of the apps are priced between $19.99 and $49.99 per device. D-Complex reports that they will release apps for 3 more NVRs/VMS systems by Spring 2011.

DComplex leverages a 'core' suite of functionality plugging in interface for different VMS systems. This ensures a broad feature set and well tested/optimized features.

DComplex's business model is to partner with VMS/NVR providers. D-Complex has done the development and integration work at no charge. All revenues from sales in the Apple AppStore go to DComplex. DComplex says it is opening to OEMing the applications in the future.

We think this is an interesting model as it reduces the development time and risk for the NVR/VMS vendor while providing a relatively inexpensive solution for end users.

To date, probably the two most well known app solutions are from LexTech Labs [link no longer available] and Mobideos [link no longer available] with pricing significantly higher than DComplex. That noted, for now, app choice is primarily determined by VMS compatibility because of limited interoperability.

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