Consultants and Recruiters Online Show October 2020 - 20+ Presenters

By Donald Maye, Published on Oct 08, 2020

IPVM's 7th online show will feature 20+ consultants and recruiters presenting themselves and their services. This is the largest, single event dedicated to consultants and recruiters of 2020 - secure your spot today. Register Now.

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Consultants and recruiters will present / pitch themselves to IPVM members. Rather than a 'thought leadership' type generic training, consultants and recruiters will speak about their background, experiences, projects, and approach.

Want Others To Present?

If you have ideas for other consultants or recruiters to present or are one yourself and want to attend, you are welcome to, just contact us or email us at

Consultants, Oct 27th

9:30AM: Paul Anderson - The Group Director of 6S Global with notable clients like IBM, DXC, and parts of the London government specializing in finding and fixing gaps in security.

10:00AM: Alfredo Perez, JR. - Principal Owner at Perez Consulting, Alfredo has consulted over major deals in Transportation, Critical Infrastructure, Municipalities & Fortune 500 companies.

10:30AM: Chris Peterson - Co-Founder and President of Vector Firm Chris has helped over 80 companies shift from managing new business to becoming self-sufficient, Chris also teaches the IPVM sales course starting again this January.

11:00AM: Alaa Masry - Previously an engineer with Johnson Controls Alaa is a technology consultant from SA Tech who has designed and implemented a command & control center for emergency response in the Middle East.

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11:30AM: Frank Pisciotta- In addition to his 30 years experience as Founder & President of BPS, Frank serves as a Chair for the ASIS Community for Food Defense and Agriculture Security.

12:00PM: René Rieder - René now works for Burns Engineering where he uses his 20 years experience in airport security programs, security management systems, landside threat mitigation, public and employee screening checkpoints.

12:30PM: Michael Khairallah - As a Sr. Systems Consultant at Security Design Solutions- Michael facilitated assessment, and implementation of a $4.2 million project to upgrade 28 schools and 10 administrative buildings in a local school system.

1:00PM: Herbert Ubbens - President of the Paratus Consultants Group and also Board Certified in Security Management (CPP) and Physical Security (PSP) with his 20 years in commercial real estate brings a practitioner's perspective to his clients work.

1:30PM: Aaron Ker - Manager of Security Programs for Securi-guard, Aaron has managed security programs for the largest private and public developments in the history of the Province of British Columbia.

and Tony Dong - Manager, Enterprise Risk Management was admitted to Columbia University in the City of New York to pursue a Master of Science (M.S.) degree in the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program and will graduate 2022.

2:00PM: Bryan Warren - President and Chief Consultant of WarSec Security has created a copyrighted formula for security staffing that levels to better validate FTE requests with the C Suite.

2:30PM: Ron Davis - Owner of Davis Marketing Group, Davis has done hundreds of security acquisition deals over decades and is the author of "The Start of the Deal"

3:00PM: Felix P. Nater - President of Nater Associates, Felix's most recent accomplishment was finishing a Workplace Security / Workplace Violence Prevention and Violence Response turnkey solution for an Atlanta based Fortune 500.

3:30PM: Jake Connors - Managing Director of Utopia Technology Consulting Designed and configured the physical security for the largest battery storage facility in the world.

4:00PM Chris Clarke - President of C Squared Security Consulting & Project Management.

4:30PM Jack Phillps - President PSC Global

Recruiters, Oct 29th:

10:00AM: Mike Hurst - Along with almost thirty years of security recruitment Mike holds several volunteer leadership roles within the security profession, with ASIS International, The International Foundation for Protection Officers, The British Standards Institute and the UK Security Commonwealth. Also one of the few recruiters to hold the CPP certification.

10:30AM: Alan Chamberlain - Vice President Talent Acquisition Solutions at The Richmond Group USA.

11:00AM: Dave Geddes - Sales Director at Zitko Sales With over 11 years experience in the UK security industry, 40% of Zitko’s placements stay with their employers for 6 years or more.

and George Zitko - Founder & Managing Director of Zitko.

11:30AM: Tim Goede and Jeff Goede - CEO and VP of Goede Premier Recruitment.

12:00PM: Aaron Kutz - Practice Leader at Direct Recruiters, Aaron helped build an outside sales, project management and engineering teams for a startup that excelled, which helped them to be acquired by a Fortune 500 company.

12:30PM: Chris Staniforth - President of ALC Consulting - Nationwide Executive Search Firm for Physical Security and Cyber Security.

1:00PM: Ryan Carroll - an executive recruiter and graduate of Florida State with a dual bachelors degree in both Risk Management and Insurance & Political Science. Ryan provided her company Recruit group $300,000 in billings in 2018 and $400,000 in 2019.

1:30PM: Tom Verzuh - President of SCW Consulting - notably has placed a National sales force of 50 people in less than six months. This was done at about 25% of the typically recruiting firm rate.

2:00PM: Rebecca Bayne - President of Bayne Consulting and Search with over 500 successful placements in her 20 year career. Rebecca is also the President of the Rocky Mountain Association of Recruiters as well as on the Board of directors for almost 4 years.

2:30PM Ryan Gonyo - Head of Sales for Mackenzie Ryan.

9,000+ Registrants

Our first 6 shows April’s New Products, May’s Start-Ups, June's VSaaS, July's Access Control, September's Video Analytics and Fall New Products have combined for over 9,000 registrants over 100 different companies presenting and tens of thousands of more views for the on-demand recorded posts.

IPVM Moderates Presentations

Consultants and recruiters present for free, IPVM experts will moderate all presentations, asking critical questions and pointing out general risks to consider. Moreover, the IPVM community will participate, bringing its collective wisdom to raise relevant issues.

Criteria Used For Selection

No presenters pay IPVM anything. It is free to presenters to ensure that anyone can present and IPVM is not biased towards the presenters (as traditional shows all work). We will reviewed all submissions and provide feedback individually on selection.

How The Live Presentation Works

IPVM will moderate the 20-minute presentations followed by a 10-minute QA session. IPVM will ask questions on behalf of the audience.

Follow-up Post or Recorded Presentation

After each show concludes, IPVM will publish the recorded show presentation for on-demand viewing.

Future Shows -LPR / ANPR, Nov 17th-18th:

While many companies now offer LPR / ANPR, it does not get as much as attention as other analytics. The goal of this show is to let providers showcase what they do and let buyers see them all together. Email to apply.

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Great idea

I see my top 3 favorite recruiters in the list. This should be interesting.

as a longtime IPVM member I have seen many wise and learned comments from Mr. Silva over the years.

why no Mr. Silva?

HI UD#2 Mr. Silva was asked and chose not to participate.

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