Pivot3 Product Update

By John Honovich, Published May 25, 2009, 08:00pm EDT

Pivot3 now has two product models - the Databank [link no longer available] and the CloudBank [link no longer available]. The difference between the two is that the CloudBank has 1 more 4 core CPU and extra Ethernet ports compared to the DataBank. The CloudBank supports running IP video software while the DataBank does not. Pivot3 is charging the same price for both appliances. The rule of thumb they use is $1,200 street pricing per TB (including the ability to run the IP video software).

The Cloudbanks offer NVR redundancy built in at no additional cost. This is quite interesting because very few VMS/NVR providers offer application level redundancy (it's hard to do and expensive).  Since Pivot3 already provides redundancy for storage and runs the IP video software application as a virtualized appliance, they can restart the entire virtual appliance on another Cloudbank and provide immediate access to stored video and continued recording to the same storage array.  This could prove to be very interesting for IP video software that does not offer its own redundancy. It could also be a way to win bids by writing this in to the specifications. [Note: I don't know how well this works and am simply reporting on the concept and potential]

[Update: Pivot3 no longer offers these models.]

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