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By John Honovich, Published Jul 07, 2009, 08:00pm EDT

Orsus, an Israel PSIM provider is releasing version 6 of its software. From their briefing, it is clear that they are positioning this for the very high end of the market. Specifically, they emphasized using this for not only security but large-scale general operational use.

Their 6.0 release features a variety of system optimizations including a dedicated access control management interface, forms/templates for handling incidents, changes in the rules engine to better support SCADA interfaces and a discovery tool to automatically synchronize with updates to access control systems.

Two video surveillance specific features added include: (1) a video pursuit features that simplifies tracking suspects from camera to camera (at a high level, it seems similar to features available from VidSys and Proximex) and (2) the ability to define different client UIs on each operator's workstation (allowing one operator, for instance, to use a 3D map and another one (say one a laptop) to use a 2D map).

In February 2009, Orsus bought Cinario [link no longer available]. Orsus reports that the acquisition was made primarily for Cinario's customer base (in retail) and that the technology was similar but not enhancing to their existing platform).

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