Sony Selling Solutions

Published Apr 01, 2009 00:00 AM
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Sony emphasized their focus on selling solutions (cameras, analytics, software, recorders, monitors) rather than products (e.g., being simply a camera vendor). I am skeptical of rhe customer value of solutions. While I appreciate that selling solutions means more revenue per customer for vendors, the solution needs to deliver more value than simply buying the individual components from multiple vendors. Looking at the Sony NVR/VMS I did not see a high degree of value. Sony has NVR and hybrid NVRs as well as VMS software. It's fairly expensive and lacks many of the high end 3rd party integration features one expects from premium priced products. Expect to see Sony to focus on more solution selling but also be skeptical to how well it may work.

[UPDATE 2012: Sony continues to offer a 'solution' but its core competitive offering are cameras.]