Compact MJPEG Camera Release Examined

By John Honovich, Published Jan 06, 2010, 07:00pm EST

The most important element in Arecont Vision's announcement of a new line of Compact MJPEG cameras is the reduction of price for megapixel cameras. Already providing some of the lowest priced megapixel cameras on the market, the new Compact MJPEG provides an even lower cost option.

The Compact MJPEG line offers 1,2,3 and 5 MP versions with color and day/night options. The major limitations of these cameras are the lack of low voltage power input (powered only by PoE) and no H.264.

The Compact MJPEG line has an MSRP of a few hundred dollar less than comparable Arecont products. For instance, while the current MJPEG Arecont product (the AV1300) has an MSRP of just less than $800, the new compact AV1310 has an MSRP of just less than $500. While the number of megapixel entrants has certainly increased with more aggressive pricing, an MSRP of under $500 from a widely supported supplier such as Arecont has the potential to have a significant impact on more price sensitive, historically analog accounts.

The other notable element of the new line is that it is compact and significantly smaller than the existing MJPEG line. In contrast to the existing line, the smaller form factor allows these units to be inserted into 4 inch dome housings while using varifocal lenses (the existing line has stricter limitations on lens types supported inside of the 4 inch dome housing).

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