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Author: John Honovich, Published on Nov 24, 2012

Genuine security blogs, by real people, not marketing minions, are incredibly rare. And forget about personality or strong opinions. Unlike the vibrant web, the security sphere is fairly dead.

This is why you have to check out the self proclaimed "Security Guru" blog. It is equal parts amazing and cringe worthy. While he takes strong stands (NICET is a thug organization, CEU trainers get kickbacks from manufacturers), the writing tends to be disjointed and fundamental technical concepts are misunderstood (infrared doesn't make a difference for b&w cameras, you can trust manufacturer lux ratings).

However, this is a young guy who has only been doing this two months. He might flame out but he could get better and stronger with more experience.

I applaud him for taking a chance and doing something so few in our industry do.

Now, the web is mainstream, providing a huge audience and opportunity to make one's voice heard and to stand out. For young professionals, no quicker way exists to build one's reputation, brand and connections globally. If you are ambitious and smart, try blogging.

[UPDATE May 2013: He has stopped posting regularly to his blog.]

[UPDATE 2017: The blog has been removed and so has the individual's LinkedIn Profile.]

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