BRS Labs Wins 'Most Desperate' Award

Published Nov 15, 2012 00:00 AM
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The least respected award in all of surveillance - BRS Labs has now bought won it. When struggling manufacturers need a shot of fake authenticity, they get Frost & Sullivan awards and now BRS Labs has theirs.

Bought Disrespected Awards

Not only have industry people known for a long time that these awards are bought, Frost even admitted it:

"Frost & Sullivan licenses the publication of our Awards, and we charge a fee for the recipient to leverage our research findings as it pertains to their company."

As we exposed, and so many manufacturers confirmed, manufacturers 'win' these awards randomly but can only tell people about them if they pay tens of thousands.

Thankfully, as recognition of this spread, purchasing these awards has gone down significantly.

BRS Labs Increasingly Desperate

It has been four years since BRS's boast of imminently being acquired for more than $1 Billion, yet the still private company struggles to match its ambitions. This summer, they turned up irresponsible claims of delivering pre-crime. Now, they have resorted to the least respected and most obvious fake award in the industry. Not really surprising but a bad sign nonetheless.