Axis Market Share Falls in IMS Rankings

By John Honovich, Published Oct 16, 2009, 08:00pm EDT

Confirming the negative trend of Axis recent slowing growth and now shrinking sales, IMS latest report demonstrates that Axis market share in network cameras is falling.

In 2007, IMS reports Axis having a 33.5% market share for network cameras. However, in 2008, IMS is reporting that Axis market share dropped to 31.2%.

Given that Axis sales (in local currency terms) are down 11% through the first 3 quarters this year, Axis market share will likely decline further when the results are released for 2009.

Contrast this to Axis public positioning as recent as Q4 2008 when they emphasized that, "Axis remains the undisputed market leader in the network cameras category and is increasing the gap to other competitors by capturing market share"

Below are the relevant slides published by Axis in their Q3 2009 report and Q4 2008 report citing IMS statistics.

 By contrast:


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