Axis Q1765 Long Range Integrated IR Camera Reviewed

By John Honovich, Published Oct 11, 2013, 12:00am EDT

Integrated IR camera offerings continue to expand with Axis announcing its longest range offering yet, the Q1765-LE. In this note, we compare it to Axis' 2 existing IR camera options and contrast it to competitors, including the Avigilon IR bullet series.

Product Overview

The Q1765-LE is the successor to the Q1755-E with the most notable difference the addition of IR. Key points include:

  • 1080p - only one resolution option (previously Q1755 was 1080i)
  • 40 meter IR range specified
  • IP66 Outdoor + "Arctic Temperature Control"
  • 18x optical zoom (Q1755 was 10x).
  • Pricing: $1395 MSRP

Here's Axis marketing overview video - recommend to skip the first 1:20 of general discussion:

Compared to Existing Axis Integrated IR Models

The Q1765-LE is the longest IR range specified (40 meters) for Axis integrated IR models, compared to 15 meters for the M1143L [link no longer available] and 30 meters for the P3364-LVE. Additionally, the other models are 1MP vs 2MP for the Q1765.

The Q1765-LE is the most expensive of the Axis integrated IR options, compared to the P3365-LVE with online pricing of ~$1,000 and the indoor only M1143L at ~$500.

Contrasted to Avigilon

There are many integrated IR HD bullet cameras on the market typically ranging from $600 to $1,000.

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Probably the strongest competitor is the Avigilon IR HD bullets (see our test results), given their long IR distance and built-in zoom. Additionally, the price point is low ($795 MSRP for the 1MP version and $915 for the 2MP one).

Axis main advantages are their unit's longer optical zoom (18x) and their standard features sets that Avigilon lacks - SD card, add on analytics, audio, etc. However, the longer optical zoom is not a big practical benefit as, without any mechanical pan or tilt, it has limited usability.

More important will be the maximum IR range. Even if Axis delivers the 40 meters it specifies, it will be hard pressed to beat the long range Avigilon IR bullet that is specific to 60 meters and delivered fairly strong results at long range in our test.


While it is useful that Axis has added a long range integrated IR bullet, the much higher price point will limit adoption to those who either value Axis in general, or the handful of specific high end feature sets it comes with (the longer zoom range, add on analytics, edge recording, etc.).

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