Axis Partner Changing Room Camera App

By: John Honovich, Published on Dec 06, 2013

Putting cameras in changing rooms is a recipe for disaster. You know, creppy old guys spying on half dressed women.

Axis is undeterred [link no longer available], though, and believes that a new app that will change the, well, changing room game.

The Problem

You're trying on new clothes, and you want to share it with your friends. (Ok, this is probably not a personal need for most IPVM members but let's try to imagine).

You could take an awkward selfie but it is not likely to look good (Again, you probably don't take many selfies anyway).

The Solution

The Social Camera, from Swedish developer Softbox, aims to solve this with a mobile app plus on-board Axis camera app.

The idea is to install an Axis camera near the changing / fitting room and then:

"The application is downloaded to the smartphone by scanning a QR code close to the camera. The phone will then instantly connect to the Axis camera and a live stream will appear on the display. With a simple tap on the display, a still image is taken and the picture is stored in the phone.

The retailers can embed their logo and a short message in every photo taken. Every image taken by Social Camera will include the retailer's logo and message. In addition, retailers can gather statistics on numbers of customers trying out outfits and map it by location."

It's a freemium model with a no cost option and a 14 to 29 Euro per month per store one that includes store branding and usage statistics.


We see 4 potential concerns for this app:

  • Where does the camera go? It will need to be properly positioned so it does not inadvertently capture or scare other patrons in or near the changing room.
  • How do you stop lurkers? It is not clear what could stop other people (store employee, outsiders, weirdos) from getting access to the feed and checking out who is 'modeling' in the changing room.
  • What about a friend? Many people shop with friends. This might be good enough for someone wanting to get a quick picture of what they look like.
  • Will people be able to install the app? Since it requires scanning a QR code or manually finding the app, it is not clear that people will be able and willing to take the time to install an app just for this uncommon use.

For Axis

Axis needs to make its apps program a major differentiator, as the market is now flooded with quality MP options, most significantly less expensive than Axis. Recall that when Axis declared the MP race over, it believed that the future was now apps. However, apps on cameras are still not a major factor for Axis or anyone. You can see the list of current Axis camera apps here.

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