Axis 10 New Domes Reviewed

By Ethan Ace, Published Mar 27, 2014, 12:00am EDT

Axis has announced 10 domes, including a new Q35 and P32 series. In this note, we contrast them to existing M and P series domes to better understand their features, pricing and positioning.

P32 Series

The P32 series makes minor changes compared to the existing P33 series:

  • No audio or I/O: P32 domes will not feature audio or I/O, which will be found only in P33 models.
  • Decreased vandal resistance: Indoor P32 cameras are IK08 rated instead of IK10 in the P33 series.
  • No camera module: The P32 series will be unitized, eliminating the inner camera module found in P33 models.

The P32 series is priced well below existing equivalent resolution P33 cameras, ranging from $499 to $749 USD MSRP:

  • P3214-V, 720p indoor: $499 vs. $639-899 for existing 720p indoor models
  • P3214-VE, 720p outdoor: $649 vs. $899-1,099 for existing 720p outdoor models
  • P3215-V, 1080p indoor: $599 vs. $999 for existing 1080p indoor models
  • P3215-VE, 1080p outdoor: $749 vs. $1,159-1,199 for existing 1080p outdoor models

Q35 Series

Q35 domes come in 1080p resolution only, the first first Axis models at this resolution to feature WDR (Which Axis calls Dynamic Capture). Two lens options are available (3-9mm and 9-22mm) in both indoor and outdoor versions.

The Q35 series is priced above existing P33 models and new P32 series cameras, ranging from $999-1,1249 depending on lens and indoor/outdoor options.

Competitive Impact

The release of the P32 and Q35 series has two key effects on Axis's positioning:

  • More mid-tier offerings: Previously Axis had only the M32 series as a mid-range dome line, which was color only and indoor, with no day/night or outdoor options, and limited resolutions (SVGA and 1MP only). The P32 expands the mid range with higher resolution, true day/night, outdoor options, and adds remote focus and zoom at similar price points.
  • High end dome options: The Q35 series brings higher end features such as Dynamic Capture and image stabilization available in dome form factors, previously only found in the Q16 box camera series. Additionally, the Q35 is the first of Axis's cameras to feature WDR at 1080p resolution, previously limited to 1.3 megapixel only.

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