Avigilon's H.264 4 Channel Encoder Examined

By John Honovich, Published Jul 20, 2011, 08:00pm EDT

Starting in August 2011, Avigilon will start shipping a 4 channel H.264 encoder [link no longer available]. This will be in addition to Avigilon's existing 4 channel JPEG2000 encoder. Just like the new H.264 cameras, the 4 channel H.264 encoder will support ONVIF and can integrate with 3rd party VMS systems, unlike any of the existing JPEG2000 offerings.

Key specifications of the H.264 encoder include:

  • 30fps max for all channels
  • PTZ support
  • 4 audio inputs and outputs
  • External i/o support
  • PoE and low voltage power support
  • Pricing: $345 MSRP

Best comparison for the Avigilon encoder is Axis's recent M and P series introductions.

On a pure specification basis, the Avigilon encoder offers far greater value. The Avigilon encoder specifications match up well with the Axis 'premium' P Series. However, the cost of the Avigilon ($345 MSRP) is far lower than even Axis's 'mid level' M series encoder (at $499 MSRP).

In our testing, both Avigilon and Axis products perform well and are fairly easy to use. We expect the same of both companies's recent encoders.

However, given the Avigilon encoder's much lower cost and now openness to 3rd parties, we think the Avigilon encoder will become a very attractive option.

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