AV3100 installation

By John Honovich, Published Jul 08, 2008, 01:49am EDT

The camera system is compact and has good packaging, but the overall embedded system design and firmware has to be improved.

The system has some issues with 12VDC direct power supply. Even with updated firmware the camera freezes operation and get solid green light with no traffic patterns on the Ethernet jack (RJ-45). You have to Power Cycle the camera to get it up and running again and at some occasions you may need multiple power cycles. The camera works much better with the POE switches and routers. Linksys and D-Link have been tested in the Cyberwatch labs all work well with AV3100. The lower quality brands of Networking gears as NETGEAR should be avoided.

The camera web server pages and home UI has to be improved. The password access to camera only work over HTTP protocol and may cause interoperability problems with the NVR software systems.

If you have questions contact me at kevin@cyberwatch-security.com

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