Anixter IP Security Sales Remain Solid

By John Honovich, Published Aug 01, 2010, 08:00pm EDT

With Anixter reporting Q2 2010 financial results [link no longer available], performance in security (and more specifically IP security) remains solid.

In their Q2 2010 earnings call transcript, Anixter discloses a number of important details about their security results:

  • "Security sales grew at an estimated 8% compared to the second of 2009, exclusive of foreign exchange effects."
  • "Very strong in EMEA and the emerging markets positive number but more modest in North America largely because it's our more mature market growing off a larger base"
  • "The market continues to shift from analog to IP which is a positive trend for us as well"

Because of Anixter's relatively large size in the IP video surveillance market and its distribution of many smaller manufacturers products, Anixter is a useful proxy for the market.

Contrast to Anixter's 2009 security/surveillance financial results.

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