Examining American Dynamics' New Client Application: Victor

By John Honovich, Published Oct 12, 2010, 08:00pm EDT

American Dynamics will soon be offering The Victor client application as a means to unify video viewing, playback and investigations across multiple DVR and NVR systems.  The application will provide a unified interface to access video from VideoEdge NVRs, Intellex DVRs, and IP Intellex systems. The Victor is intended to replace the Vx-Client (part of the VideoEdge 3.0 application suite) in the new release of VideoEdge 4.0 NVR. The lack of this type of application has been a long standing problem for AD users looking to unify video access across disparate AD VMS systems.

  • Available for purchase as part of VideoEdge 4.0 NVR bundle in two (2) and five (5) user license connection starter packs.
  • Additional single connections can also be purchased
  • The Victor consists of a client and policy database component called Site Manager
  • Software can be loaded on any number of machines to interface any number of supported VMS systems and is limited only by simultaneous user connection licenses
  • Product is planned for launch October 30th 2010 along with the new VideoEdge 4.0 release
  • The application will be supported on 32-bit/64-bit Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems
  • American Dynamics claims the Windows Presentation Foundation software development platform that the application is based on will provide higher performance multi-media functionality and user experience
  • Future releases are to provide growing support for other American Dynamics video recorder products, such as their line of Hybrid DVR systems
  • Will not initially support low-level VMS configurations
  • MSRP per user connection license under $500

The Victor application will allow existing American Dynamics customers to consolidate certain video management activities across distributed analog and IP video recording systems within the American Dynamics family of products. The Victor also looks to include support for Software House's CCURE9000 access control system, as it evolves into the 'ultimate' unifying command and control interface for American Dynamics security applications.

It will be interesting to see where American Dynamics chooses to set pricing for the Victor licenses. Genetec for example charges MSRP $230 for each simultaneous user connection for its client application suite.

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