Acuity Company Overview

By John Honovich, Published May 09, 2009, 08:00pm EDT

Acuity is a new video surveillance company (1-2 years old) founded by Pelco and AD veterans gaining recent press attention. I received a company overview and live demo. Here are my initial observations:

Acutiy provides video management software and NVR appliances running only on Linux. They are positioned themselves to compete against IP video surveillance providers such as Genetec, OnSSI and Milestone. I see 3 primary ways they are trying to differentiate: (1) providing their own suite of video analytics, (2) deeply integrating the use and management of video analytics in their user interface and (3) providing security oriented feature and performance enhancements (that leverage their Pelco and AD experience).

Since this was an introductory call, I do not know the specifics nor have I tested the product. The key things to examine in considering Acuity are (1) given that the product is fairly new, how mature and broad are the feature offerings relative to significantly older products and (2) as with all analytics how well do they perform in the field.

[UPDATE 2012: The company 'pivoted' into identity management and is now named TraitWareID. See VentureBeat post.]

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