Complexity of IP Video Software?

Published Apr 26, 2009 00:00 AM
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One of the interesting dynamics I see in the industry is between those who are used to deploying DVRs and those who deploy IP video software. As someone who has deployed both, I find IP video to be dramatically more complex. Complexity is not a bad thing, especially when it provides you with more power. However, it does increase cost and forces your people to be stronger technically.

To give you an idea of some of the complications with IP, take a look at a recent blog post on setting up Cisco wireless IP cameras and optimizing security on Cisco's IP video management software [link no longer available]. They both require command line configuration and Linux/Cisco IOS knowledge. That's fine for system administrators and network engineers.  It's also fine if you expect those people to take over running video surveillance.

The big problem is economics. Security techs are less skilled in IT but they tend to be far cheaper and capable of configuring traditional analog security systems in very short time periods. I remain skeptical of the willingness of end users to significantly increaase labor costs for video surveillance. Indeed, I know many of the manufacturers who came in from IT are painfully finding out about the reluctance to increase spending and resources on video surveillance.