1000 Wireless Mesh Node Project Announced

Published Nov 11, 2009 00:00 AM
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Firetide has announced a 1000 wireless node project [link no longer available] for the Seoul Korea subway system. Firetide commented that this is one of their largest transportation project. From our review of publicly announced wireless video surveillance deployments, this seems to be one of the largest overall. In dollar terms, 1000 wireless nodes is likely worth about $2 Million USD which we believe is a sizable project for Firetide.

The announcement states that no other wireless vendor's equipment could match Firetide's performance. However, Firetide did not disclose who the competition specifically was for this project.

The system is designed to support a total of 650 cameras - 350 in the stations and 300 in the trains. The wireless infrastructure will be a combination of fixed wireless nodes (in the stations and in the tunnels) and mobile nodes (inside the trains). Each train station will provide a landline egress point. As such, the mesh is used primarily to allow the wireless nodes in the trains to transmit real-time video to and from the fixed infrastructure as the train moves from station to station. See a photo of a wireless node installed in the Seoul subway and a network topology map.