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You Call Yourself A Salesman...You SOB?

When is the last time you won or gave out steak knives? Or earned a straight up Cadillac? Do top sales people still earn things like this? I know a disty sales guy that goes to Hawaii for his sales.

I thought I would share the best movie scene, of all-time, pertaining to sales. Most of you have probably seen this, but it has been a while, so enjoy a smile while watching it.

Warning - This scene contains naughty language and politically incorrect verbiage. Movie is Glengarry Glen Ross

Link to the Best Sales Movie

...sales people still earn things like this?

All the time, in fact I personally know of several third place 'winners'.

P.S. Notice how Mr. Brass Balldwin bellows 'all of you got just one month' and then by the next morning Mr. Ricky Roma is claiming he has won the Cadillac Contest. Wilting Williamson should have said: "We'll see in 29 days, Ricky." Its all about confidence...

What have you seen third place 'winners' recieve?

Ricky Roma must have his masters in Jeffrey Gitomer and his undergraduate in Zig Ziglar.

What have you seen third place 'winners' recieve?

Contests vary, but certainly Boots, Cans, Sacks, Slips

Though in the Greatest Story Ever Sold, we only know that "Third place is you're fired."