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Xbox Kinect For Perimeter Security

Apparently on the DMZ, they have created a computer program to leverage the Kinect to detect people trying to cross the border into South Korea. They mainly use it to differentiate between humans and animals at specific spots. Singapore also uses it to detect border crossings and found that it helps see people behind dark tinted glass and in low-light conditions (more on that here.)

The latest version of the Kinect features 3D depth sensors, "Active IR," and facial recognition. Microsoft also says it can detect levels of force applied to an action and detect a human heart rate. All this seems like it would be handy for differentiating humans and animals.

Here a demo of the latest Kinect features:

Does anyone see this as being something promising for security applications? There are a few hacks online here and here, but I haven't found any other serious applications like Singapore or South Korea. It seems like it could be valuable if someone figured out how to integrate it with security systems.

Cool video. I am curious to see how quick performance drops when moving these types of sensor outdoors. Ever changing lighting, temperature, precipitation, and the overall dynamic environment seems like it would drive this thing (even if built with good WDR and low-light ability) nuts.

It just doesn't seem like Kinect would make for a good alarm sensor, so I'm curious to see feedback as well.

How wide of a FoV is this covering?

For the most recent version of the Kinect the FoV is 70 degrees horizontal and 60 degrees vertical.

But does that translate to a 10 foot wide FoV, 100 foot wide FoV, 1000 foot wide FoV? This is critical to the practical applicability.