Panasonic WV-ASF900 Facepro Facial Search And Recognition System

Has there been any testing on this Panasonic WV-ASF900 FacePro™ Facial Search and Recognition System?

I have not heard anyone using that. Even Panasonic does not promote it too much, so it seems that Panasonic is not a big believer in it.

Two problems:

  • It is Panasonic only (recorder and cameras) so that limits who can use it.
  • Accuracy - in general these systems have issues, no evidence that Panasonic has fundamentally overcome them.

Thanks John for the info

Perhaps it's pre-cursor was tested here?

Panasonic Business Intelligence Kit Examined

Good cross reference, though that is not a test.

So I have gotten a beta/test copy of it its really accurate given you have the perfect shot and get the perfect frames to pass though (5fps only). if you dont well...........

it has an insane learning curve and you cant buy it yet in the US for some reason.

It is (provided you have optimal conditions) frighting accurate, ~90%. I dont think it will get released they may try to integrate this with Video Insight though. I just dont think they make hardware yet that would run both at this time.

Right but you are rarely going to get the perfect shot, ergo the practical problems.

I do think it would be very interesting if they integrated this into Video Insight. Good point.