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Would You Use Exacq Vision In A Casino?

We have a casino customer who is seeking bids for upgrading their camera systems which consist of roughly 200 cameras. I spoke to the casino manager who has received bids for Endura and Exacq Vision. Being a long time exacq fan, I asked if we could put a number to it. I reached out to my exacq rep and asked them and inquired about any known installations of exacq on a gaming floor and to his knowledge it has not been done. I am not afraid to try something new and out of the box, but I would like to know from other integrators or end users have you had success with Exacq in a gaming floor environment, or is there a better solution out there? Cameras will be a mix of hybrid fixed and PTZ's, and new axis fixed / ptz's. Not worried about my camera choices, those are proven, I am not worried about my hardware solution, again those have been calculated out to a safe overkill level. We have demonstrated the Exacq system to the casino, and they seemed to like the interface, but I really want to get some feed back if I am setting my company up for failure or is this a viable solution?

From my experience with exacq the PTZ control it lacking. They supported a limited variety of PTZ controllers and the AXIS PTZ controllers has huge lag issues with exacq making it unusable. We ended up setting the customer up with PTZ control via mouse but that wasn't ideal. In the end the customer was happy but they don't monitor the cameras full time so I would be skeptical of using Exacq in a environment where full time PTZ control is required.