Would Hikvision 3MP Dome Cameras Be A Big Quality Increase From A ACTi TCM-3111?

I know the Acti camera is 1.3mp, but I will probably run the Hikvision at 2MP. The customer currently has the Acti's and they are unhappy with the quaility. Will the increase of quality by going to the Hikvision (at 2mp, but if neccessary 3mp) be a big enough wow.


Going from 1.3MP to 2MP or even 3MP generally does not create a really big 'wow'. That said, it depends on how wide the FoV is and what the buyer considers 'wow' worthy. The wider the FoV, the more likely it makes a material difference. The more a person cares about very fine details, the more they will be impressed.

The bigger benefit may be on low light and WDR. The TCM-3111 is a 3 years old camera, which means it has a sensor that is one or two generations old. Also, it does not have integrated IR. Consider a Hikvision camera with integrated IR and true WDR (here are 63 matches) or ACTi with the same (here are 15 matches).

What type of scene are you working with? Is this outdoors/indoors? Do you have any particular HIK models in mind?