Winter Work Glove Recommendations Needed

What do you guys use for work gloves in the cold winter months? My fingers are screaming!

In my experience, warmth is inversely proportional to dexterity. With that said Mechanix Gloves seemed to be a nice compromise between the two:

Home Depot sells a 3 pack of mechanics style gloves for ~$10. I buy a couple packs every year and they work well for me. Not the warmest but they are flexible enough and provide enough feedback to work with smaller parts. I don't work in the field anymore but still occasionally do. These have served well for jobs I have done as well as auto repair and yard work.

Thanks for the ideas guys,

I use mechanix gloves but when running wire in new construction during the winter months those gloves just can't keep my hands warm... I was looking for insulated work gloves but was hoping to hear feedback from everyday users.

My problem was always that the warmest gloves weren't waterproof, and waterproof gloves weren't warm. What I did was take a pair of jersey gloves and cut off the tip of the thumb and forefinger. Then I'd put of extra large denim gloves over that. When carrying heavy equipment, drilling holes, or pulling cable bundles , I'd have both pairs of gloves on, which gave me the best protection against cold and snow or ice. If I had to make a splice or use a hand tool, I could take off my right glove. I'd have the dexterity of no gloves but have my right hand as protected as possible, and have my left hand nice and toasty.

I only cut the tip of the fingers off, to the first knuckle, so that when drilling, I could have the drill trigger touching glove and not touching skin.

The advantage of this system is that these gloves are so cheap that you can lose and replace them five times a winter and not care.

Klein also makes these leather gloves, which have flip-downs for the forefinger and middle finger but not the thumb. Frankly, I always needed my thumb to work, but a lot of people like these gloves.

In my opinion, the ideal option is fingerless mechanics gloves, together with handwarmers in your pockets. Mechanics have hard plastic inserts to act as guards, which are much safer than the soft gloves I've linked to so far. They won't keep your hands perfectly warm or dry, but if you have handwarmers in your pockets, you can just put your hands in your coat pockets periodically to warm and dry them. The problem is, too many foremen and bosses yell when they see technicians with their hands in their pockets, and that can be a hard habit to break. I personally would rather die of frostbite than put my hands in my pockets, and I write on a website for a living.

I was a fan of this style: