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Witness Asepro 3.1 Client Software, Where To Download?

I have a client that is using "Witness ASEPro 3.1" for his analog cameras. The client side pc crashed and wiped the OS. The server pc is using the windows XP and the software is called "Witness ASEPro 3.1". However, I cannot locate the client to load onto another windows XP box. I've never heard of this software and am unable to locate online. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of this for client-side viewing? Or, any idea if there is software available that will do the same thing? This is for an 8-ch analog system. Thanks.

The other identifying number was 3416 ASEPro.

Witness AS PRO is listed as software from a DVR by Ezwatch (see this user manual).

Ezwatch is a fairly big reseller / relabeller of lower end DVRs. Might want to call them up and see if they know anything.

Thanks for the information, greatly appreciated.

Hat tip Rukmini, who just forwarded this software download link for Ezwatch. See the 3.1 version and try if it works.

Thanks again for the information... the easier thing might be to replace the software. Problem is they have it on XP boxes... any ideas?

You want to upgrade or change the system?

You say, "The server pc is using the windows XP and the software is called "Witness ASEPro 3.1".

So is there an encoder card built in? If so, presumably, only that software (and limited others) can communicate with it.

My thoughts were to replace the existing software with one similar, perhaps free as this is a non-profit center with limited funds.

And yes, the server (and the client pc) are both windows XP boxes. Not sure about the hardware but I am going to say you're probably right. I had assumed I would be able to find the software online (the original was lost and I am thinking it was on a floppy disk) with the ability to download the client.

The pc's are not connected to the network, rather are located in different parts of the building. The client is for the security staff to monitor the cameras after-hours. I would love to replace the whole thing but limited funds available for anything much less an upgrade.

Buy an entry level 8 channel DVR. Here's one for $199 (Q-See) including a 1TB hard drive.

The time you and them are going to spend trying to patch / fix / make work the old stuff will be far more than that.

Thanks, I think thats the best route too.