Wireless Power

The demonstration in the video below is interesting, if not pointless:

It depicts a quadrotor toy being 'wirelessly' powered via resonant energy transfer. The toy's range is only a few inches before flying out range of the field; not terribly useful at such low magnitudes. The idea of 'wireless electricity' is not without natural precedent - after all, at high voltages and amperages, it is called lightning. The current state of 'wireless power' is advanced by devices using less power/more efficiently than in the past, not increasing the supply side.

Surprisingly, this concept shows up in a number of 'security technologies', notably proximity cards but also Wireless Door Power transfers. Nikola Tesla fanbois rejoice!

It will be interesting to see which security technologies take a 'wireless power' development; we have door locks, cards, and card readers. Any guesses on what's next?

I've usually recommended these to people whom the recommendation was appropriate for: wireless extension cord.

Bad Brian Karas - nice April Fools' Joke though!

There's a NYTimes article describing a startup that is doing wireless power. They have quite the range of big named backers:

"After the Founders Fund signed on, more than a half-dozen venture capitalists also kicked in to create $1.4 million in start-up financing — including Mark Cuban, the Yahoo chief Marissa Mayer, the Andreessen Horowitz firm and even Troy Carter, Lady Gaga’s manager."

There's also a detailed description of a tech demo the company did and some useful critical comments on Hacker News.

I am not saying I believe, but I am saying there's enough for an IFSECGlobal article!

I wager the transfer efficiency of that system is single digits, ie: It runs for hours to get a minuscule charge.

Or, if you prefer: For every $10 in electricity you expend, you get a few pennies to transfer.

Every review and analysis I've seen of that "wireless power" adapter tells me it's about as realistic and useful as the one I posted earlier in this thread.

More wireless power!

Cota / Ossia is a finalist at TechCrunch Disrupt (which means it will definitely fail :)

They are claiming 1 watt of power wirelessly across 30 feet.

Here's their demo video: