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Wireless Panic Button Recommendations

Does anybody know of a relatively low cost pushbutton wireless transmitter/reciever that can be used in conjunction with the auxilliary input on a camera to implement a panic button function?

I've used Seco-Larm's RF wireless for remote door releases in the past, and it should work for this. It's about $15 for a pendant/keychain, and $25 for the receiver.

My only concern about Seco-Larm is that it's not supervised, which would be preferable for a panic button, so you get low battery and status indications. In that case, I've used Linear's DXS wireless, but it's pricier, about $25 for a pendant, and about $60-70 for the receiver.

Bumping because I have a similar but slightly different project. Have a government office in a historical building. Need about 4 panic buttons for the staff at various desk locations. Need them to feed to a receiver downstairs wirelessly. Downstairs, I need to have some kind of alert notification: strobe, perhaps buzzer, etc.

Would the Linear products work for this as well, you think?

I have used Linear (now Nortek) products for years to put together the type of panic alarm system that you are describing.

Inovonics also makes a complete line of wireless panic products, including multichannel (4, 16 or 32 channel) receivers with built-in display and reset button. Add a sounder and you have a nice user interface on the receiving end.

I sometimes forget about Inovonics. At my last job we did a wireless panic system for a nursing home with their transmitters and receivers, interfaced to the nursecall system. From what I remember, it worked quite simply and well.

They also have fixed buttons and billtraps if those are preferred to mobile.