Win A 5MP Camera, Post A Picture Of Your Dog

We have a manufacturer trying!

Digital Watchdog wants a picture of your watchdog and we’ll give a prize for your efforts.

Send us a snapshot of your best canine friend. One image will be chosen by random drawing each month and the submitter will receive a 5MP MEGApix® camera.

Send your file to

People like their dogs, they've tried to make a brand connection (dog / Digital Watchdog), it's a reasonable giveaway for such little work.

Perhaps make people tweet or instagram it tagging DW's handle?

I think it's pretty good and we should encourage them to try. What do you think?

All of a sudden, I am thankful they didn't name themselves 'Digital Honeybadger'.


Much like the honeybadger, Bubba don't care.

Didn't really care about the 5MP camera, but still could not resist sending in a pic of my Digital Watchdog "Moe" since he comes with me to all my installs. He's not as ferocious as a Honeybadger and not much help in the networking department, but he's pretty cute and my clients love him.


That's pretty cool, Jerome! Thanks for sharing.

p.s. - Where's Ethan's dog? :)

There you go!

Tell DW you took this with an ISD camera, recorded to an SD card.

Here is one for you. The Easter dog!! Wifes idea.

The Easter Dog

The dog looks thrilled. Too, funny.

Look at the shame in the eyes. Complete and utter shame.

Pro tip: You get a dog wearing a DW camera, I am guessing you are going to win...

Just sent a picture in and unlike Jerome I want a camera.....

Digital SnoopDog

Look for a new line of rebranded appliances.

It's Snoop Lion now


I've got three, surely one of these is good enough to win a contest. That would partially make up for all the droppings I clean up.

My army of incredibly poorly trained pets:

Congratulations, folks, your dogs are now famous....

Max is a sweetie.

Zeke was famous WAY before this.........

John, you might have to make a custom "Cute" button just for this discussion. ;o)

Zeke the Dobe. He is a famous Zeke as well, has his own Facebook page!

Thank you guys! We will have all the dogs up on the page by Monday morning.

Umm....Mark, you know what I said about not really caring about the 5MP camera?

Please disregard that. ;o)

Hey everyone,

Meet my vigilant watch dof.

Yeah, I know. But don't tell her; she thinks she's a dog.

Oops, let's try that again, shall we?

As I was saying, please don't hurt her feelings by suggesting she is a (C.A.T.).

I am my peoples protector!! #southafricanwatchdogRocky

It's now a dogapalooza. 42 pictures up. Who's next?

Well, little late to this one, but... sent them this pic. These guys have their own Facebook page as well!

Matts Mini Mutts? Awesome!

Guard Cat, LOL.


Zeena, the Warrior Princess...

Guessing they stopped doing this. Was just at their site and the last winner announced was from January.

No, no, no! There are many ways to enter each month and a dog has not been the random selection for a while, but WE WANT YOUR DOGS! I got a new one submitted last week.

Some of you posted images here, but did not submit them to us. [Tear]


Ahhhhh, OK thanks Mark! I thought it was one dog EVERY month, not even thinking of all the other ways.