Win $3500 In The "Cabling Icon" Contest

Think you have cabling skills? The 4th Season of "Cabling Icon" is looking for you:

Participation is easy. The contest has two rounds:

Round 1: Explain (in writing) your past/present/future career exploits in cabling.

The Top 6 entires will be invited back for the next round:

Round 2: Record yourself terminating a (punchdown) UTP connection in 2 minutes or less. Remember: "Action talks, BS walks"...

Impress the official judges, and you could win $3500 and a sweet biker vest embroidered with 'CABLING ICON':

Is this an IPVM sponsored contest or something else? Also - when is/was it?

IPVM is not affiliated with this contest nor is a sponsor. If you want to enter, hurry because tomorrow (12/5) is the deadline!

Meet your new champion:

The Icon in action*

Brian, question about this video, when the Icon does his wiremap test after completing the jack, he only plugs the tester in on the jack side. Does this mean that he must have inserted a loopback plug off camera before doing the punch?

*Warning, contains graphic depiction of real-time punchdown. Extremely unexciting. Viewing not recommended for regular people.

He's using a Hubbell TCT2 Continuity tester. Indeed, he has the remote unit already plugged into the patch panel.