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WIMAX 3.65 Ghz For IP Surveillance

Does anybody have any successful deployments (multipoint or PTP), performance issues, or problems securing licensing (and over what customer sector)? This was originally setup by the FCC for WISP operation (about 2006?), but I believe that today other entities can get licensing.

In Colombia our cameras distirbutor also sells Albentia WiMax links for IP Surveillance, with proven sucess stories. You can check on Albentua Systems: Albentia Systems

It's been done, but WiMAX is a pretty lackluster platform for surveillance. The channel bandwidth is pretty limited, which means that it is more susceptible to interference. On top of that, there is already a lot of spectum congenstion in the space, so interference in inevitable. For example, Sprint "4G" is really a gussied up WiMAX, or at least it was. You are going to be fighting every Sprint phone with that standard for spectrum space. Radio waves are physical things, they can only "hold" so much data.

Sprint hasn't sold any new WiMAX phones since 2012.  Users forced encouraged to switch to LTE. Will pull plug completely in Q4 2015.  Maybe now's the time to get in?

There's no denying it's a crowded neighborhood, though.