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Why Was BRS Labs NY/NJ Port Authority Program Cancelled?

BRS Labs constantly claims how revolutionary its technology is, but a recent report confirms that one of their showcase accounts, the NY/NJ Port Authority has cancelled their project with them.
Unfortunately, both the BRS and the Port Authority tend to be tight lipped about such issues. Does anyone have insights? Feel free to post undisclosed or email me -

I'm currently looking for this file: The page you’re looking for can’t be found - The Port Authority of NY & NJ which has since been removed from the Port Authority website. I've found links to it online as recent as July 2012.

It's working so well that they don't want anyone to know about it??? Keep digging Carlton!

If AISight 'lost' the NY/NJ Port Authority gig... then who won?

Is it possible that the Microsoft DAS implementation did?

As in, maybe they demo'ed both systems in the field (or just liked what NYC has deployed) and then chose the one that they deteremined was the 'best' fit between the two competing systems for the Port Authority?

I can imagine if the above scenario is what actually went down, that the loser would be somewhat hesitant to have those results made public... and 'national security' acts as a de facto shield from public scrutiny. :(

Well, there was a pilot of the BRS system at the WTC Site (which is under jurisdiction of the Port Authority). We don't know the results of that pilot as none of it was ever made public. It's interesting that leading up to the pilot people would talk about it. After the pilot, no one has anything to say.

PR Rule #1: "Hype Your Prospects, Bury Your Failures"

I Googled this, PilotProject-BRS-Labs2.pdf

I had two returns one from ebooks and one from rapidlibrary. I didn't open either one because the pdf's I clicked on kept leading me to another then another download page. The final download was an PilotProject-BRS-Labs2.exe file. I tried to right click to save so I could check with antivirus and it would not allow a save. Even the cancel button was greyed out.

Your choice.

Undisclosed, I saw those too and I'm pretty sure both those sites just populate the name of the file you're searching for onto other files to try and get you to download them/sign up for some stupid service. I wouldn't risk it.

Carlton is absolutely right. If you do much searching online for specific things, you come across these poser sites all the time. If you want to do a blind test, replace 'PilotProject-BRS-Labs2.pdf' with 'hoochiemama.pdf' - you will eventually make your way back to their pages. Also, I try and pay attention and see what domain the google link wants to take me to if I click the result..... after awhile you will start to recognize the style they usually use to fool you. As a simplistic example, will not bring you to :)

100% guaranteed malware portal - NEVER click on an .exe file if you are looking to read an allegedly 'posted' document. You may also come across .zip or .exe files claiming to be 'download managers' for downloading a 'group' of files (especially insidious if you are looking for a cache of documents; seems a more likely file extension for a group of files).

I also set my firewall to alert me when a previously unused process tries to access an outside port - this can help a lot; some sites are infected with injectionable code - just visiting them can (potentially) hurt you :(

Yes I know. I used to think of those sites as a pain in the neck but my opinion has lowered greatly.

I also set my firewall to alert me when a previously unused process tries to access an outside port

Can you please give me a short to do to accomplish this? Windows 7 but not by choice.

I use (and have for more than 10 years) the free ZoneAlarm Firewall from Checkpoint

While it has many features that I don't use, by default, the firewall feature alerts you anytime a new program/process tries to access any port, and let's you choose (1 time/always) to allow access or not.

When I first install it, I don't set specific programs to have access, I just start using stuff and ZoneAlarm will let me exclude each app from alerting once I approve it. Using it this way will always alert me when anything new tries to reach out from my machine, but once each app is approved once I never see those 'approved' program alerts anymore.

A simpler way is to just Google it using proper Google techniques. You will then see there is no offical PDF.

"PilotProject BRS Labs2" filetype:pdf


That is interesting. While it's rare to know a particular file name (and extension) when searching for info on a subject, I agree that your suggestion would work great if you do... :)

I'm curious is google cache returns are included in those filetype:x searches?

Yes, You can see the Cache. Example - BRS Labs filetype:pdf

Even if you don't know the file can still search for anything you want. If you want to search PowerPoint then just add filetype:ppt For Excel use filetype:xls For Autocad type of file use filetype:dwf

Good Luck:)

If you really wanted to research and find fun stuff then you can do this

intitle:"index of" plus your Topic or company


"index of" "parent directory", name, "last modified", size, description Plus your topic

Not related to this, but interesting. Page 12, Section 4 mentions BRS Labs. Indictment David McQueen and Trent Francke

The doc above is a fraud indictment from December 2011 for two men out of Michigan. Interesting.

Here's an update on that from the beginning of March. Mcqueen is evidently out on bail but accused of committing more fraud.