Why Put Turret Cameras Up Instead Of Domes?

There is a installer in town that puts turret cameras (like the DS-2CD2332-I) up when bullet is not required. He even puts them on exterioirs. Is there a benefit of the turret of a dome (such as the DS-2CD2132F)? The price are about the same and the dome is vandal resistant.


Genetically speaking a turret has a bullet camera for a father and a dome camera for its mother.

So if you want the easier adjustability of a bullet and yet still be defend against the irksome tree branch attack, like a dome, it could make sense.

It's somewhere between both parents when it comes to visibility for deterrence.

Son of a bullet.

Interesting question.

I recently changed my Vandal Domes to Turrets as well. So did a large dealer friend at his offices. Why? Better image all around, glass faceplate that doesn't yellow.

Can you see what it is aimed? Yes. Will it take a baseball bat attack? Not likely.

I prefer a better image and the ability to mount at any angle without additional hardware.

They used to be associated with discount products as did bullets. Professionals uses Vandal Domes and Box Camera housings. Not so much anymore.

Especially when you can get remote zoom/focus and such in a Turret and Bullet, sealed and back-focused.


It's not a common/popular form factor outside of the Chinese/Taiwanese/Korean brands. Aside from the fixed lens they are fairly easy to install, don't look horrible, are easy to position, and are about as waterproof as a camera can get. There are even some odd looking models in the turret form factor that have a varifocal lens.

Because they're easier to point and aim, that's why. Not every dome allows you to roll, pitch, and yaw, but every turret does.

Like UD1 says, a turret camera has a bullet for a father and a dome for a mother.


That's a big word, for only three letters...

Do multiple internal reflections degrade performance whenever illuminator and sensor are behind the same transparent surface? It would seem that the turret solves this problem.

Theoretical answer: sometimes. Practical answer: rarely, because the IR elements are usually spread out enough and far enough away from the dome to cause problems.

We use them over domes because the IR is better and you don't have any IR reflection issues from dirty domes.

flat glass > dome

The turrets with the single high output LED are brilliant nightime performers - largely because of the lack of reflection from a dome. Their small form factor makes them vitually disappear when used under the eaves in our style of construction. I much prefer them over domes for exterior use.

We use them as our go to camera:

1. Roll, pitch , yaw - true multi-axis mounting

2. Weather proofing. Our environment eats electronics - 1 year is the standard in some spots. These seem to be lasting longer - crossed fingers.