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Why Is IPVM Is Publishing Articles About Access Control?

Curiosity has made me ask this question and maybe I've missed something. I normally lurk around and read the reviews to gleam information about IP video systems.

IPVM has been doing a great service with the tests, articles and surveys about IP Video, but seems to stray away from the core subject when they talk about access control when it's not related to IP cameras or VMS systems, such as the latest tutorial on schedules and levels. Great information but outside of the core of what IPVM is. IMHO. So why?

I find it very helpful to learn the challenges I face with my VMS. Integration is a huge development that involves major cost, long term implementation, proprietary equipment, and standardization to name a few. Thanks IPVM!

Bruce, thanks for the feedback!

We are expanding into access control and it is by design. It is a complement to video as many of our readers are interested in access control as well. We'll also be doing an access control course this Spring, that's one of the reasons there are a number of access control posts going up right now as we fill out the fundamentals there.

Let me know if you have more questions or feedback. Thanks!