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Why Has Video Insight Started Companies Advidia And Bridgevms?

Can anyone explain what is going on here?

Video Insight has started (at least) two rebrand companies that resell VI's VMS:

BTW, these two brands share the same physical address.

I do not understand the business strategy here; it just seems to me they are all competing against each other on price, since the product is exactly the same?

Can somebody chime in and clarify this?

I believe the plan was to create a line for distribution only in addition to their direct line. They seperate the lines by not offering the same products to both channels. For example you can only buy Bridge VMS and certain model Avedia cameras from Tried only and vice versa. Similar approuch to S2 and some other manf. I feel the concept is solid to reach more dealers but I believe the multiple brand idea is a mistake. A recent example is Avigilon and Video IQ. Companies spend a of money to create brand awareness and consolidate. They are doing completely the opposite. I believe they would have made the brand stronger if they kept it all the same.

In the case of S2, they at least are selling to a separate company entirely (IEI's eMerge) and money is actually changing hands. Like Milestone selling to OnSSI, new sales benefit both companies to some point.

However, VI owns these two brands, so again they are just competing against themselves?

Maybe to circumvent procurement rules that require 3 acceptable bidders?