Why Do Hik And Dahua Prefer American Branding In China?

Here are their corporate office buildings:

Twice as big top billing for Hik English over Chinese, Dahua no Chinese.

Anybody know why in a state so full of homeland propaganda it would be Ok for a company to lead with a non-native language, in their own country?

To attract workers, maybe? To look more Western?

It seems pretty typical to me, e.g. here is Huawei's HQ:

Seems typical to me to, the question was more why?

Huawei is a good example. Another state-owned enterprise in a totalitarian state. Are all things Western good?

Don't you find it the least bit odd that a company who may not have a single native speaker of the language choses such a language solely, to communicate their company identification inside of their native borders?

Almost every Chinese company I saw, big and small, had their name in English on the building. Sometimes with characters below it, but often just the English name.

I think it's less just a name and more used sort of like a logo. If you go to the non-English websites of foreign companies, they most often have the name in English, still, as well. It's simpler just to make that word your branding, instead of doing it in characters for the East and English for the West.

You may not know, but I am wondering if you can derive the corresponding Chinese characters from say "Hikvision". I'm guessing not (though dont really have a clue). In that case it would be very much like a logo.


Because these companies are international in their outlook and the global language of business is English.

The "Go Out" policy of the PRC / Communist party is probably relevant here.

The Chinese government encourages and actively supports Chinese companies to expand internationally, branding / naming in English is consistent with that.

i assume English is the more worldwide known language and these companies are looking to be worldwide.

General Tsander's Chicken

Apparently rank, even if a foreign one, has its priveledges. Across town, another Western Icon was knocked off his feet and summarily arrested for being a tripping and stumbling hazard:

Defiantly refusing instructions to 'go limp' only delayed the inevitable.

But the 'stumbling block' statue was too big of a danger to leave as it was. Now all that remains is the easily avoided:

I never knew I could read Mandarin until I saw this sign ;)