Why Do 90% Of People Do LinkedIn Requests With Generic Messages?

For example:

Equally as bad, it is generally from people I have never heard of.

I thought it was common sense / sales 101, etc., to write a 10 second personalized message. Yes/no?

I am not even sure the point of being connected on LinkedIn but evidently these people do, so you would think they could dedicate a few seconds to say something meaningful.

Help me.

If you click the "Connect" link in the sidebar suggestions, it just sends an invite and doesn't give you a chance to customize the message.

I tend to avoid connection requests from people I don't know, or the ones that appear to be reaching out only so they can try to message me to buy some product or service immediately after connecting. I would say about 75% of the connection requests I accept get from people with "default" messages are ones where I know who they are (at least generally), and I don't really need them to elaborate on their connection request.

If I get a request from someone where there is no context and it's just a default message I tend to ignore it.

Or the person made the mistake of linking their contacts to LinkedIn and it try's to make everyone your friend.

I can't even see the message people send when I view the request on their mobile app, so I don't know what people ask in their connection request.

Hans, good point. I actually go to the 'see all' invitations view since every so often a request will actually have a meaningful message. And if I do not go the long route to check, people will think I ignored.

Alas the poor LinkedIN UI drives this.

I actually do that if I know the person well, because there's really no explanation needed

Sure, it's when you don't know the person well is when it gets confusing.

When I receive unsolicited requests I usually just view this persons profile - if I can not determine an existing 'real world' connection - I almost never agree to the LI connection.

Example: recently I got a generic request to connect - and when I looked him up on LI it turns out he is some guy in Australia who happens to work for a distributor of my companies products in that region - so I connected.

Example 2: any requests from ANY manufacturers in China get ignored by default.