Who Wants A Free Trip To Taiwan?

I just got an email out of the blue for a free trip to Taiwan. We don't do such things (conflict of interest, waste of time to be on such a dog and pony show, etc.).

Here's the agenda including scheduled meetings with D-Link, Vivotek, Geovison, Everfocus, Plustek, Avtech, Aver, Planet, and more (but interestingly not ACTi).

Given Taiwanese companies lack of coverage, I can see this being a smart move to incentivize security media to be aware of them. If they can get some coverage for the ~$5,000 this costs per person, it's probably a good investment for them.

They have send this out to other outlets to. It will be interesting to see which of the 'magazines' will show up. And it will probably work.

Wow... that looks interesting!

5 days of long meetings with company after company...

Well... you know what they say. Another man's long meeting after long meeting is another's "fill in the blank here".

Confucius say "Man who go to long meeting also go for long wait"

Also, "Meetings are indispensable when you don't want to do anything".

Hello John,

I would very much like to go to Taiwan, if there is any space left please send in my confirmation. Thanks so much.



Wade, I am not involved with this trip. You can contact the people listed on the agenda and ask if you can go. Please don't say I referred you ;)