Who Offers Free Download Of Access Control Software?

I'd like to assemble a list of Access Control providers who offer free downloads of the management platform software.

Even if that company also requires using proprietary controllers or readers, it would be interesting to see who offers a demo/free download of the main user interface package.

Anyone have recommendations?

Compare to extensive list of free VMS software.

I quickly scanned through the vendors I have bookmarked, and I found none. They all require accounts to download. No one has anything free to the public.

Maybe it would be easier to assemble a list of manufacturers who offer either built in web servers into their hardware or free software with their hardware? Like the Honeywell Netaxs has a built in web server and you can string multiple panels together. If you use the built in web server (web client) it's free, but if you want full funtionality you have to buy Win-Pak.

It might be easier, but that's not what we are asking for here. If people are interested in that, we can certainly put together a list in a separate discussion.

Point taken. I think it would be a good idea to be able to see all those types of systems in the same place :)

@ Jason: We actually already have a list going for panel based systems, but we're looking for downloadable, standalone management platforms.

Our guess is that this animal does not exist but we figured we put it out there in case someone knew of one or two that actually did.

I am pretty sure you can register for a free/instant account at www.infinias.com and get their Intelli-M software. The time-limited demo version is for the "essentials" version.

Thanks for the heads-up, Jeppie!

I thought Keyscan did, but I looked through their website and they do not. I know they offer a way of setting up the software for demo purposes, but you'd have to get the software first, which of course does not help you.

They do how ever offer their updates right on the website without needing a login or anything.

They would need to have either a panel simulator or pre-configuration of panels (which a lot do) if they offer the software download for trial otherwise it would be hard to evaluate. I would also like to see the optional visitor management modules (seems like a lot use easy lobby), elevator / parking management, badge design software, etc. included in trials as well to see how cohesive the package would be. I think it would be a really good idea to see the various interfaces especially since access control is more complicated in configuration and management than video.

DSX used to have a Demo disk that gave you some functionality without a panel or anything. I kow it's not the same thing. As far as Infinias you can log into one of their demo panels via their web client.

Im not sure if this is what your asking for.

We use Isonas "panel free", they offer their Crystal Matrix download evaluation version free for one month.