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Who Is China Manufacturer TVT? Claims H.265

Who is TVT?

They report 200 people in R&D and H.265 products.

Are they a manufacturer, reseller or?

Never heard of them, but wow do they cover the whole range of technologies: AHD, HD-SDI, HD-TVI, IP, 960H, analog, etc. It sure seems like they don't want to miss any tech trends.

Maybe the Ambarella chips are shipping. John does say right in the article that "It will likely take 2 to 3 years for broad adoption, though early product pre-announcements will likely come next year." I imagine we will see a lot of soft product launches come ISC West.

Maybe the same as TVT-Digital, mentioned here?


Copying over the key section from there:

"I discovered LTS almost 4 years ago and even posted about it on this website, without referencing their name. I found a sub $200 DVR (unheard of at that time) that had a fantastic user interface and just plain worked. I had direct imported several different DVR's in previous years from Korea, Taiwan and China and had had very mixed results with their reliability, tech support and ease of use. LTS offered a US based presence with stocked inventory which eliminated long lead times and wire transfers.

Not being content, I dug further to see if I could eliminate the middle man and found that their DVR's were made by TVT Digital out of GuangDong. I made an appointment to meet with their CEO at the next ISC West to discuss buying direct. He was very hesitant as he informed me that LTS purchased about $2 million US per month from them, well beyond any order I was pondering. I continued to purchase through LTS for my analog needs and have been very pleased with the price/performance of their equipment. I'm pretty sure some of the Qsee (sp?) line are from TVT as well. The "Super Live and Super Cam mobile phone apps are also their products."

It's a Chinese company based on Shenzhen.

H.265 is not a brand-new tag for surveilliance cameras in China. There are many companies demonstrated their H.265 products in the CPSE last year.

Ambarella's chip comes to market much later than Hisilicon's. Hisilicon's 3516A is capable of performing 1080p H.265 encoding in real-time.

Do you think Hisilicon's chips are used in this camera?

I don't have this camera but I would be surprised if the H-chip is not in it.

They are a manufacturer. But to deal direct you will have to commit to monthly minimum orders.

Jim, thanks. Is that minimum 100 units or 10,000 units?

How would you compare them in terms of reliability, quality, features to Dahua and Hikvision?


I visited their factory in 2011 and at that time the MOQ for our market was:

500pcs per model for 4, 8 or 16 channel for their base unit. (that is 500 x 4ch, 500 x 8ch and 500 x 16ch to have a range of base units)

300pcs per model for 4, 8 or 16 channel for their mid range unit.

100 /200 pcs per model for their high end dvr's

Both Dahua and Hikvision would be considered ahead of TVT. But TVT would be way ahead of many of the other manufacturers.


Great feedback, Jim! Thanks.

Btw, this is the type of comment members should vote informative!

It seems to me that you have searched deep into the source, do you have a general mapping of who's who as far as manufacturer in China? Considering the merging of the different protocols of analog like TVI, CVI, AHD it's got to be a handful there right?

Would CPSE considered a good exhibition to sample this bunch from mainland other than goes straight to Shenzhen factories?