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Who Is A John Honovich Of LED Lighting?

John or not just, does anyone know same type of website to IPVM but for LED type of lights, used to replace 'analog' bulbs in with energy cost eating LED nodules?

I see like a couple possible candiditors like or, but i then my worst suspicous rage says they feed me biased info.

But i am in tight quarter with a head builder and he asks me what do i know about the led lighting and I am talking Raytec, but this is for all over lighting, and I said Raytec too many times now.

I dont need to do the light, he is just bounceing me off information and i want to say right stuff. John, maybe you could branch over to LeD if you need more industry to help?

I feel sorry for whomever is the John Honovich of LEDs, even more sorry than I feel for me ;)

I don't about LEDs but that seems even more of a niche than physical security.

LEDs may even be more of niche now, and it more and more of niche every day to a humming tune of 24 US Billionies on 2022, so it is your right, dont feel more soory about LEDs.

Its same as camera vid marketplace was in the wet, wild west, before a newed sherriff John brought circusing rodeo to heel under your watchful mustering eyes. Everyone saying anything, no damnation for manuf. lies, beneath shadow hand of Illuminati vengent neck grip, etc..

Want light shootout guy or Lightout guy!. If i dont find one, may be i can be The one, just regional only Balkan light John. :) then i show you the sorrier!