Who Are The Major US Maglock/ Electric Strike Brands?

A member recently asked:

"My company has asked me to research/purchase several electric strikes from major US manufacturers to verify compatibility with our equipment. Could you please give me a list of the major US manufacturers of electric strikes and maglocks?"

I responded with a few in an unordered list, off the top of my head:


Folger Adams

(Note: Assa owns all these strike companies except Trine on this list...)

These lists are nowhere near complete. Who else should be added to these names?

Strikes = Alarm Controls, VonDuprin/Allegion, Dortronics, Camden Door Controls,

Maglocks = Alarm Controls, Schlage/Allegion, Dortronics, Rosslare, Camden Door Controls,

These are good adds. Thank you.

RCI makes pretty good strikes as well

Maglocks.. Alarm Controls, Seco larm

Alarm Controls is the way to go for MAGLOCKS. I have deployed thousands over a 30 year period and I cannot recall any, thats right NONE, that were bad out of box or stopped working. RCI is a good product as well, have used their strikes for years with excellent results.