Who Are Security Industry Specific PR Firms?

I'd like to make a list of security industry specific public relation firms. These are PR firms who primarily focus on security companies rather than generalists or even broad based technology focused ones. Some manufacturers choose one or the other with a number choosing none at all.

That said, I know of LRG Marketing, Compass PR, and I remember there being a few others but I can't recall now.

Manufacturers, want to help here?

Carlton, thanks!

There's (at least) one more. I remember them being from Maine, but I can't recall right now.

With the amount of tweets coming from Compass PR, I didn't know there were any other security PR firms :)

I remember seeing like 12 tweets a day about Next Level. I wonder how many manufactureres do their own...

Yes, the Next Level twitter feed! It's activity plummeted after our Worst Security Twitter Feed post.

Just think about the amount fun we would have if Avigilon hired Compass PR......

Forgot about this one too until they contacted me today. They focus on cybersecurity and IT security companies: Schwartz Communications

Eclipse Media Group is in Scarborough, ME

They handle TYCO, ONVIF and a few others...