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Which Are The Facial Recognition Products For Outdoor Application?

I am looking for a proven Facial Recognition Software product that has low FAR and better recognition capability in the outdoor environment with reasonable control over mounting of the cameras and light. For example at the entry/exit gates (for people) of a residential complex/office complex. I am really looking for suggestions who has implemented similar project.


Will this be for access control (i.e., controlling door entry of people actively registered) or for surveillance (i.e., spotting people walking by on a watchlist)? I presume it's the former (access control) but want to verify first.

Oh and you can see our recent case study debunking for an example of a real world outdoor facial recognition system.

John, This for Intelligent video surveillance for spotting/recognizing the people walking by on a watchlist or persons of Interest. There are lot of vendors but yet to find the most reliable product with high detection and recognition. Thanks

I have heard a lot of vendors claim this over the years - 3VR, NEC, Iomniscient, being 3 of the louder proponents. I do not know any that are trusted by many for delivering high reliable / high detection rates. It's a crazy hard problem that no one even seems to be even making in roads in.

I'd love to give you a more optimistic answer because it's one of the holy grails of surveillance.

Iomniscent was showing this in their booth at ASIS, although from playbacknot from the actual booth traffic. As John says, it's what everyone wants but I've yet to see it actually work, especially outdoors. But they are advertising it, so check it out and let us know!

HI - We're a funded startup working on something similar to what you are in need of. We're using 3d Morphing techniques to ensure higher accuracy. We can talk if needed. Thanks

Captain Ravinder Reddy

I have come across few other vendors. I am not sure of their success rate. To name a few, Softonic, Face First, I Cetana, Key lemon. I have read a bit more about I Cetana and they have few more claims than others. How it works on ground and experiences of users have yet to come.

John, hope you can give more information on them.

See our note on iCetena here. I would not characterize iCetena as a face-rec analytic at all.

They analyze typical video activity and alarm on exceptions - if a scene is normally very simple and all of a sudden becomes very active, it alerts an operator.

How it works on ground and experiences of users have yet to come.

Undisclosed D has quite a bit to say about their experience using iCetena here.

Control of lighting and camera positioning will be extremely helpful in this (outdoor) application. In order to acheive reliable face dection you're going to need to normalize the view and the lighting conditions under daylight, night, weather, etc.

The recognition problem is related, but a different challenge. Remember, recognition will never be 100% accurate. How many times do you as a human, with one of the most sophisticated pattern recognition machines in the planet in your head, have trouble recognizing somebody you know in person or in pictures?

You're going to need to specify your acceptable false positive/negative rates, as well as the system architecture with with all of your non functional requirements (performance, mounting and lighting, etc).