Where Is Arecont's 4K Camera?

Announced here April 2014. Trying to find it, considering a test.

Anyone know what model number it is and when it started to ship?

This is the last mention I see. What makes you think it has shipped?

"What makes you think it has shipped?"

It was announced 18 months ago.

Figuring that they must be just about to hit the street, I thought the best place to look might be inside Arecont.  So I headed over to shipping:

No dice. Lotta domes though.  

On a hunch I thought maybe they are over in QA, just getting every thing checked out first:

Hmmm, funny notta one.  Lotta bullets though.

Working backwards, I though surely there's some to be had in final assembly:


Well maybe they are reworking the camera to add that final 'killer' feature? Let's see if the lab boys over in engineering have a prototype we can take a look at:

They laughed. 

But then on the way out, I found one over in Marketing, of all places:

They said they're just finalizing some of the print art, so should be around in no time...

Arecont espionage! I like it!

I spoke with Ernie at Arecont, very pleasant and helpful. He looked it up and tells me that the camera is planned for a Q1 2016 release.

Looks like they are going for a record of longest delay from time of announcement.

On the plus side, their 10MP slide show cameras are available.

Delay: adding a reset button?

That or 4K/30fps does not work well enough on their proprietary FPGA architecture...